Victor P. Cornet


DGAC/STAC - Internship

Jan. 2014 - July 2014

I was an intern at DGAC (French equivalent of the US Federal Aviation Administration) for 6 months. I worked on two different projets; a program used by airports to evaluate runway damage, and an online survey website.

  • Rewrote a Visual Basic 6 program to Visual Basic .NET. This program is used by airports to assess runway damage.
  • Developed an online survey website which is fast, highly customizable and ergonomic to survey European pilots with risk matrices.

Selectra - Internship

Jul. 2014 - Sep. 2014

I designed and developed a custom web-based Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to replace an existing system that had become obsolete. I analyzed the needs of the company and how Selectra’s employees were using the old CRM program. While planning and implementing the project, I constantly questioned the user interface and surveyed employees’ experience to make sure everybody was at ease with the new software. I made the effort to keep the system accessible so that users with handicaps could still use the interface; for example, one employee was color-blind, so I optimized the color scheme to work well for both color-blind and non-color blind users. My project was eventually selected by the company’s management and was deployed to replace the existing CRM system, which reassured me in my development and design choices.

EasyVista - Internship

Jul. 2014

  • Developed a website based on Drupal to host software manuals
  • Collaborated with a Product Manager on the website