Victor P. Cornet

I currently work for Parkview Health (Fort Wayne, IN) as a User Experience Researcher and am finishing my Informatics PhD at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis. I am interested in improving healthcare outcomes for patients with chronic diseases and patients with mental illnesses through the use of new technologies, such as smartphones or smart gadgets.


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Latest Publications

  • Cornet, V. P., Valdez, R. S., & Holden, R. J. (2020). Patient ergonomics: 10-year mapping review of patient-centered human factors. Applied Ergonomics, 82(1), 102972. doi:
  • Holden, R. J., Daley, C. N., Mickelson, R. S., Bolchini, D., Toscos, T., Cornet, V. P., Miller, A., & Mirro, M. J. (2020). Patient decision-making personas: An application of a patient-centered cognitive task analysis (P-CTA). Applied Ergonomics, 87(1), 103107. doi:
  • Cornet, V. P., Daley, C. N., Cavalcanti, L. H., Parulekar, A., & Holden, R. J. (2020). Design for Self-care. In A. Sethumadhavan & F. Sasngohar (Eds.), Design for Health (pp. 277-302). doi:
  • Cornet, V. P. (2019). Analysis of Korean Self-harm Posts on Instagram. Proceedings of HCI Korea 2019, 1(1), 583-586.
  • Daley, C. N., Cornet, V. P., Patekar, G., Kosarabe, S., Bolchini, D., Toscos, T., Mirro, M. J., Wagner, S., Martin, E., Rohani Ghahari, R., Ahmed, R., Miller, A., & Holden, R. J. (2019). Uncertainty Management Among Older Adults with Heart Failure: Responses to Receiving Implanted Device Data using a Fictitious Scenario Interview Method. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care, 8(1), 127-130. doi: