Power of the People - Angular Attack

June 2016

Implementation of the Power of the People prototype. Application programmed in 48 hours with Angular 2 as part of the 2016 Angular Attack Hackathon (1-member team).

Power of the People Prototype

January-May 2016

Interface prototype created for the prototyping class at IUPUI to enable social movement organizers to research about hashtags and events through multiple online platforms.


November and December 2014

CommUNITY is the prototype of a mobile application that would support people in disaster recovery efforts by helping the delivery of resources – manpower or material resources – to people in affected areas. The aim of CommUNITY is to facilitate volunteering and help material and information requests locally in a systematic way through a multi-platform system. Users can register with the system at any time, although registering during disaster preparation phases would be suggested. The envisioned system would have a user verification component to allow only trusted people in the community to join the platform through a cross-check with other people in the community.


September and October 2014

BrainFree is a context-aware music application for smartphones. By using weather, location, and activity data gathered through sensors, web, and user input, BrainFree is able to populate playlists with songs that match the user's context, providing the user with a new way to discover and rediscover music.

The system—codenamed “Brain Free”—enables users to minimize their operational inputs required to find music which would be suitable to contextual information like weather, social activities, and so on. In other words, the system fetches music based on the combination of both contextual information and users’ inputted information. Users can then enjoy a selection of the music they love fine-tuned to their activities. Users can also make sense of their gigantic music libraries by discovering or rediscovering songs they have never listened to, long-forgotten songs, and songs they have just purchased.

The purpose of the innovative system is not only to empower users so they can find the content more intuitively but also to provide them with alternatives to deal with certain social activities that would benefit from as few tactile interactions with the system as possible. The system would perform like an intelligent assistant that can understand the context, social activities and emotional status of their owners.

SU Senior Project with Philips Healthcare


  • Developed a C++ application to stream a capture of the server’s screen
  • Collaborated with four other students on the Android application

Music Notes Recognition

Apr. 2012 - Jun. 2012

I worked on a project with three fellow classmates that dealt with music notes recognition of live instruments through a web interface. Despite building the underlying parts of the website with relatively complex technologies, I voluntarily kept the final user in mind by making the interface straightforward through visual cues and accessible controls. The final version of the project was deemed extremely easy to use by people with little computer knowledge who tested the website during ESIEE’s projects day.

Website Portfolio

Koni Korean

Since July 2017

Website for intermediate Korean learners to learn the language through flashcards and vocabulary sheets to print. Supported by Drupal 8, template with Bootstrap. Flashcard component (bottom of the page) built in Dart.

HIL - Health Innovation Lab

Since December 2016

Dr. Holden's lab website, supported by Drupal 8.

Paris Blogger

Since 2015

Photo and travel blog. Static website generated with Hugo.